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Lee Zacharias

Other Writing

Notebooks, pencil, computer tablet, china cupFiction online

HOMES: an excerpt from Across the Great Lake
Published by StorySouth

"Being the Record of Hannah King, born April 14, 1682, Salem Village"
Published by O.Henry

"In Deep Water": an excerpt from Across the Great Lake
Published by O.Henry

Nonfiction online

"Mountain Climbing and Alligator Wrestling"
Published by Charlotte Writers Podcast Community Voices Blog

Published by Well Read Magazine

"A Kind of Dream"
Published by Blackbird

"How We Spend Our Days"
Published by Cynthia Newberry Martin

Published by Southern Humanities Review

"Playlist for What a Wonderful World This Could Be"
Posted on Large-hearted Boy

"If My Book"
Posted on Monkey Bicycle

A Circle, A Line, An Island: Ocracoke Ghosts
Published by Our State

"Summer Afternoon"
Published by O.Henry

"Jan Hensley's Dark Miracles of Chance"
Published by O.Henry

Black Widow
Published by StorySouth

Mud Pies
Published by Michigan Quarterly Review

Shellburne Thurber's Southern Home (excerpt)
Published by Southern Cultures

Living the American Dream: "Children on Their Birthdays"
Published in Truman Capote (Bloom's Modern Critical Views)

My First Time
Posted on The Quivering Pen

Blind Entry, Bittersweet Exit
Posted on the University of Wisconsin Press Blog

Love  Song: Frankfort, Michigan
Posted on Reading the Past

Writing Out of Season
Published by Necessary Fiction

Algebra for Writers
Posted on The Muffin